Click here for information about how to book a session and make a payment for all products/services listed on this website.


The php fee for ALL products/services only applies to Filipinos who currently reside in the Philippines.

How to book an online Coaching or Counselling session? 

To book an Online Coaching or Counselling session, please email me at or message me on Instagram @reformingtrauma.

In your email or message, please include any information about your day/night/time preference and please also include the country you reside in and your time zone abbreviation (

My email reply may go to your junk/spam folder so please check those folders.

60 minute Coaching & Counselling sessions for individuals or couples is either 700php or $50AUD depending on the country you reside in.

Online Coaching and Counselling sessions are held via Zoom unless a special request is made. I will provide you with the Zoom details once the booking day/night/time has been confirmed.

Payments are accepted AFTER each session has concluded.

You will receive a follow up email at the conclusion of each session. The follow up email will contain relevant psychometric tools, tests, questionnaires, worksheets and additional readings relevant to your needs.

How to Book & Pay For Email Therapy?

Once payment has been made through one of the below payment methods, please email me a screenshot or image of the payment receipt -

Once payment has been received, the client will receive the therapist email response within 7 days. 

In the initial email, the client should include their symptoms, thoughts, previous diagnosis, concerns, etc.

The clients initial email should be no more than 1000 words long. I understand that it can be difficult to limit what you want to talk about but having a 1000 word limit will ensure that important information is included and not forgotten.

The therapist response email will address each symptom, thoughts, previous diagnosis, concerns, etc and include strategies, techniques, psychometric tools/scales/questionnaire, recommendations, worksheets, resources and/or reading links relevant to the topics mentioned. 

Emails where the therapist is requesting further information/clarification will not incur any additional fees. Such therapist emails may include questions such as "Can you please tell me in which year you received the ADHD diagnosis"? or "You mentioned that you have experienced trauma, can you provide me with more information about the type of trauma you have experienced (i.e., car accident, death of a loved one, etc). 

Basic Package:

  • Price: 200php or $5 per week.
    • Description: Weekly email therapy support for those wanting a lighter touch. This package includes:
    • Up to 2 email exchanges per week (1 client email and 1 therapist response)

Standard Package:

  • Price: 300php or $10 per week.
    • Description: A moderate level of email support suitable for most clients. This package includes:
    • Up to 4 email exchanges per week (2 client emails and 2 therapist responses)

Premium Package:

  • Price: 450php or $15 per week.
    • Description: Comprehensive email support for those wanting more frequent communication. This package includes:
    • Up to 6 email exchanges per week (3 client emails and 3 therapist responses)

Monthly Subscription:

  • Price: 1k php or $30 per month
    • Description: A monthly plan that offers a slight discount for long-term commitment. Includes:
    • Up to 16 email exchanges per month (8 client emails and 8 therapist responses)

Crisis Email Response:

  • Price: 200php or $10 per email response
  • Description: For non-regular clients or those on lighter plans who require an extra response in times of heightened stress. (Note: This is NOT for emergencies involving suicidal ideation or self harm concerns/intentions/plans - those should be directed to local emergency services).
  • This fee is higher as it requires prioritization over other tasks/services.

How to Purchase an Ebook or Workbook?

e-books are 100PHP or $3AUD.

Workbooks are 50php or $1.50AUD

Once payment has been made through one of the below payment methods, please email me a screenshot or image of the payment receipt -

I will reply back to your email with an attached PDF copy of your purchase order within 7 days (168 hours) of receiving the payment receipt.

If you choose to purchase multiple e-books or workbooks, please specify in your email which e-books or workbooks you would like to purchase. 

The screenshot or image of your payment receipt should reflect your purchase order. For example, if the payment receipt only shows a payment for 100PHP or $3AUD, and you request two e-books, I will email you to clarify which single e-book you would like to purchase or to clarify if you will make an additional payment for the subsequent e-book/s.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: If you are waiting for an email from Reforming Trauma Coaching & Counselling, please check your junk/spam folders regularly. 


Payment details for Philippines.


Account Name: Analiza Mose.

Account Number: 09638228024

Account Name: Analiza Mose

Account Number: 09638228024

Bank of Philippine Island (BPI):

Account Name: Analiza M. Mose

Account Number: 1439132791

Payment details for Australia and other Countries.


Bank-to-Bank Transfer or Osko:

Bank Name: Westpac Bank.

Account Name: Jason Brien.

BSB: 734292
Account Number: 654681


Name: Jason Brien

Mobile Number: 0400 546 129 

Western Union.

Bank Name: Westpac Bank.

Account Name: Jason Brien.

BSB: 734292 - SWIFT code: WPACAU2S 

Account Number: 654681

Street Address: 15 Housman Place,

City; Calamvale, QLD, Australia,

Postcode: 4116

Phone number: +61 400 546 129